DigiFlak Business Edition

Flak Secuter Business Edition is an all-in-one security device (security dongle or secuter), and is targeted for small and medium-sized businesses and corporations. It has such functionality as PGP-style encryption of files on the go, corporate VPN, office access control, WEB -filtering, and gives company IT administrators more power to manage the users certificates and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) what to use in order to protect the business then this package is just for you. FIDO compliant 2-step authentication in Google apps and DropBox, U2F key for 2 step verification, Digital Identity Management, Protection from internet threats like malware, viruses, identities theft, phishing, etc. Personal Hardware firewall, Secure Public Internet Access / VPN, Free stream-based 

Price: 65 Euro

Cyber Security News APP

If you are spending your time to find out cyber security news as online then this app is just for you!

You can get the latest cyber security news on your phone right after the news is published. The cyber security news is filtered as news concerning the latest vulnerabilities, exploits, hacking attempts, cyber-attacks, the NSA, Anonymous and much more. You can mark the most you liked cyber security news and go back to that news later. And also, you can tag the most important cyber security news to receive push notifications instantly as optional. 

The latest cyber security news is on your mobile phone for free.

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