Personal Security Protection

Why personal security protection is important?

Personal security protection is a key point for users and companies to protect computer-held data against any damaging breaches by securing mobile workers’ digital keys, passwords and certificates in a safe place. It offers strong authentication and can become a multi-factor authentication.

Threats, such as viruses and malwares can cause harm to computers. Hackers can attack through your network connection in order to gain access to very important personal information; that is why a vpn connection can be a safe method for internet connection. The other safe method is encrypting files to protect against hackers’ network attacks while capturing any sent files. It is also easy to authenticate on web sites without the hassle of remembering a lot of  passwords due to password storing. Also, two factor authentication is another important function to protect yourself against any potential attack. Threats, viruses and malwares are blocked before they get to the computer because traffic is redirected on to this service and then on to the display screen of the end-user.

By using this service, it allows you to work safely, as any authentication is based oncertificates.

It is easy to use, which is a plus when you want to secure yourself without spending a lot of time searching for the right service or products.

Which functionalities are available with this service?

– Traffic scanning and analysis in real-time mode.
– Secured virtual network between devices.
– Authentication technique to log in to websites.
– Managing the digital licenses rights of any digital files.
– NFC, which is a form of contactless communication which allows sharing data between
other NFC enabled devices.
– Antiphishing.
– Personal firewall.
– Web filtering.

Working Hours

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