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Nowadays, companies are targeted by cybercrime for many reasons. For hackers, possibilities are increasing exponentially thanks to the rise in the widespread use of technology. On one hand, there are hackers who are hoping for a modest payday by unleashing ransomware on a single computer, while
on the other hand, there are state-sponsored hackers who have switched to cybercrime as a method of war.
Cybercrime can cause important damages to companies; here are some examples:
– Facebook, 540 million user records exposed
– Yahoo, 3 billion customer accounts exposed, financial cost of around 350 million dollars
– First American Corporation, 885 million records exposed

Why do you need cybersecurity news?

If you want to avoid being at risk of cybercrime you have to be warned of the latest vulnerabilities and how to get rid of them. By reading our cybersecurity news, you will be aware of the latest problems that may arise and the latest threats to your company. You will also learn about any company that has been attacked, and the details of how and why will be explained.

Moreover, by reading cybersecurity news you will be warned of ‘zero-day attacks’, so-called because they are attacks that have been discovered and exploited right after they have been implemented.

You will be aware of any threat that is spreading, such as Wannacry or Heartbleed, and will be able to protect your company from huge damages.

Here are some examples of domains where cybersecurity is and why you should be aware:
– Breaches cost more and more in a company now because most of the attacks can spread very fast and easily.
– Hacking tools are readily available on the internet and can very easily be led, including by less skilled individuals.
– The Internet of Things is now everywhere and they are very easily targeted by attackers, because they know that they are not specially protected. An IoT device, connected to the internet, could provide a cybercriminal with an easy way into a business. Cisco estimates that there will be 27.1 billion connected devices by 2021.
– Regulation such as GDPR insists that security be taken more seriously than ever, as attackers can also find vulnerabilities that do not respect laws and can put your company in court.

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