Cyber Security Awareness Training

What is cyber security?

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Cyber security can be defined as all processes and best practices that we are implementing to protect computers, networks, applications and data from attacks which target CIA Triad which stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

What is cyber security awareness training?

Cyber security awareness training can be defined as best practices and a good way for everyone who is using a computer to protect their privacy and report on the different traps which subsist online. These cyber attacks do not only target financial cyber crimes, but they can also attack your personal information (PII = Personally Identifiable Information) Your PII can be directly related to you such as your name, your address, your account number, your phone number.Or it can be indirectly related, we can think about your mother maiden name, your email addresses, your employer information.

How can attackers obtain this kind of information?

A very common and easy way for attackers to get your PII is social engineering.

In fact, attackers will ask you some question that can be totally irrelevant to you but they will gain knowledge on you. By collecting a lot of information about you, they can have enough information to answer your security question. You really have to take care to who and what you are talking with. It is primordial to identify who is behind. Others ways exist such as software that will harm your computer, however, it does not directly concern you by giving attackers your personal information.

Nowadays, computer attacks are not the only one in which attackers are targetting. In fact, we are using daily our mobile devices such as our smartphones or tablets. By installing applications on them, you considerably increase threats for you and your company.

Cyber security awareness training cannot be accepted as a one-shot approach, it is something that you have to test daily to your employees by providing them with some tests such as a phishing threat, doing some social engineering on them and how they should react when they know that their computers can be a threat to the entire company.

Working Hours

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