Biometric Authentication

What is a biometric authentication?

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Biometric authentication is the process that relies on the unique biological characteristics of a person to verify his/her identity. These characteristics are compared to that person’s ”template” to determine resemblance. If both samples of the biometric data match, then the authentication is confirmed.

How can biometric authentication can be used in IT?

In this case, there is no direct access to a person’s data, such as fingerprints, without any plugged hardware, but there is technology which identifies or verifies the user based on his/her typing pattern. This is because every human being has a typical interaction with the input device. In this way, an individuals identity is ensured and the process becomes part of a two-factor security authentication.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of biometric authentication?


– Biometric authentication is concerned with the unique biological characteristics of a person, and it is extremely hard to fake compared to the identification cards or numbers that are usually given to employees.

– It is also an easy way to authenticate without being too taxing on the brain: for example, passwords have to be changed every month, and require symbols and numbers which lead to complex passwords that can be difficult to remember.

– Combined with password authentication, it becomes part of a two-factor authentication process to access security systems.

– Biometrics are stable and enduring: in fact, it does not change a lot throughout one’s life and can identify a person in spite of little variation over time.


– Biometric authentication uses a comparative method, every person’s data has to be stored on a server.

– If this server is hacked it could have extremely serious consequences for individuals.

– User acceptance can be a disadvantage: in fact, employees can be uncomfortable with the idea of using biometrics and often see the practice as invasive.

– Lack of accuracy in data capture, partial capture of data and binding can lead to failure of the system.

– The biometric authentication system can be relatively complex to integrate compared to password-based solutions.

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