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We Are Awesome Cyber Soldiers

Most organizations face important challenges concerning business risks and continuity. Attackers have been developing new skills to gain access and disrupt services, systems and network for the purpose of stealing and/or destroying data. These cyber attacks can be actively defended against using different solutions such as data protection, securing system-network or bio-metric authentication. We are in-house IT and cyber security professional consultants aiming to provide high quality service to enterprise organizations. Cyber Range, an IT consulting and training company aiming to use the model of enterprise to enterprise.

Cyber Security Consultation

Cyber Security Products such as anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, router, switch, access point, mobile security, product for data protection from online threats, behaviroal biometric authentication  service.

Cyber Security Training

We offer Cyber Security in-house training and awareness programs that are prepared to protect from cyber attacks. It is essential to reduce the risk that you might be tricked.

Penetration Test

Penetration test, security analysis, detection of cyber threats, detection and elimination of vulnerabilities, measurement of network hygiene, detecting suspicious, network traffic, social engineering service.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication confirms and protects identities and businesses online by recognizing how users type

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